About Us

Why isore?

isore Media is perfectly placed to deliver film production services, which are both relevant and valuable, to disadvantaged groups and organisations in the third sector. We are a ‘grass roots’ company. We genuinely believe that if the disadvantaged and marginalised members of society are given the appropriate knowledge and skill set, they can then successfully re engage with society and become fully fledged, functioning members of the community. No individual is ever cast aside, we all deserve a second chance if we are willing to put in the ground work, and accept change!

Jason Turner, founder of Isore media, has battled his own personal issues with drugs and alcohol.  This personal insight and experience, coupled with qualifications in Advanced Media Techniques, allows isore Media to offer a sensitive, streamlined approach backed up with technical know-how.  We feel we can leverage our extensive contact book within local TV and film to help participants in our workshops pursue placements within the industry, and break the vicious, damaging, cycle of addiction and crime.

Whether you’re a third sector organisation or a private sector business, isore Media can provide workshops and corporate films to suit every requirement and budget. We have links to HMP Onley and have carried out many successful workshops within the aforementioned prison. Ideally we are looking to spread our knowledge, education and mentoring services throughout the UK. We firmly believe that our workshops (in conjunction with our partner treatment services) can bring real change to communities and help rebuild the lives of offenders.