Meet The Team

The Personal Touch…

isore Media was founded by Jason Turner, who was inspired to establish the company following his own personal issues with drugs and alcohol.  After completing a City & Guilds qualification in Advanced Media Techniques, in which he learnt about television and video production, Jason realised that there was a need for rehabilitative workshops to assist people in recovery to come together in the form of creative media and change the perception that `once an addict always an addict’.

Jason and the team are the creative centre of isore Media and are currently focused on writing and producing a series of thought-provoking and emotive short films that deal with the core aspects and nature of addiction.  These short films will be aimed at the re-habilitation and treatment services throughout the UK.

Jason Turner

Jason had the idea that by setting up a social enterprise using sound and vision to produce short films and educational DVD’s, he could not only give people in recovery opportunities, skills and experience but also highlight issues affecting people recovering from drug addiction and raise awareness. He is continuing to add to his skills and knowledge at Birmingham City University.

Donna has 20 years of teaching experience where she has worked with young people with learning difficulties who often face challenges in life.  She is a family member to a recovering addict, giving her an understanding of the impact addiction brings, and empathy to family members, giving  isore Media another perspective.  Donna is a director of isore Media and volunteers time to plan future courses, support with the development of resources and offer guidance on the delivery of courses.